What Will I Make?

Today it snowed in Calgary which somehow doesn’t seem odd to me. I find that first breath of air that smells like snow so invigorating and inspiring that early snow doesn’t seem to bother me this year. Actually, given how inspiring the snow is to me, I’m wondering if snow poems might be better than fall poems to go with “Bloom & Martyr.” But then maybe I should save my snow thoughts for the eyeSnowScape book I hope to write. Hmm.

Today’s big art news is that we retrieved the large loom from my dad’s shop, as the new owner will be taking over on October 1. The loom is too big to fit down the stairs so for now it’s wrapped in a tarp in my mom’s yard like a big lumpy present. One of the more vivid childhood memories I have is of the year there was a big green and gold present for me under the tree and I was beyond enamoured with it and looking forward to finding out what was inside and this feeling is kind of like that. This big tapestry loom is all possibilities right now - pure creative optimism. I’m sure whatever I make will be pretty lumpy, but that first lumpy thing I make when I’m trying to learn a new skill is so great. I’m always more proud of that sort of thing than something I made using a skill I have and that’s actually objectively much better. I will be so proud of my lumpy cloth. Wish I could do this with my dad.

Merry Christmas!