eyeSnowScape Woolf’s Voices show of Steve and Helen Hajnoczky’s work in progress, May 2018

eyeSnowScape Woolf’s Voices show of Steve and Helen Hajnoczky’s work in progress, May 2018



Hi there—thanks for visiting! I’m Helen Hajnoczky, a poet and artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I created this website to share my own writing and art, as well as my collaboration with my arty family—my sister Julya, an amazing photographer, my partner David, a superb musician, my late dad Steve, a wonderful painter, photographer, and sculptor, and my mom, who doesn’t make much art but whom I like dragging into things.

What’s on a teacozy?

Throughout this site you’ll find eyeSnowScape works made by my father Steve (Pisti) Hajnoczky (1942-2018), or which we made together. He asked that we, his family, keep sharing and selling his work for him after he passed, so we do this as a way of honouring and celebrating his memory.

You’ll also find info about the assortment of interdisciplinary literary and visual arts projects I’ve completed or have on the go, a blog with event or publication announcements and some musings about the creative process, and gallery of ?! Press chapbooks made by me and my sister, Julya Hajnoczky.

get in touch

If you have questions at all about any of the work you see on this site please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can email me at ateacozyisasometimes@gmail.com

follow along

In addition to this website, you can find me and that arty fam I mentioned elsewhere on the internet.

You can register for the Hajnoczky Family Art Newsletter, to receive a monthly update on whatever new art shenanigans we’re up to.

You can follow me on Instagram, where I share eyeSnowScape pieces made with my dad, as well as poems, chapbooks, works in progress, and arts adventures from around Calgary, or sometimes from further afield when I get the chance to travel.

You can like and follow a teacozy on Facebook, where you can see my Instagram posts if you’re not an Instagram user. I also share other fun, beautiful, or intriguing book and arts-related stuff I find around the internet there.

You can check out my short films on Vimeo.

You can find Julya Hajnoczky’s work on her website, and follow her main account on Instagram, and her other project, the Alfresco Science Machine, on the gram as well.

And you’re gonna need some music for all that, probably, so check out David Tkach’s Zeta II Reticuli project on sound cloud.