The eyeSnowScape series was initially begun by Steve (Pisti) Hajnoczky on his own, and then continued in collaboration with his daughters Helen Hajnoczky and Julya Hajnoczky. Steve loved sharing his artwork with friends old and new, and he requested that his family continue doing so on his behalf after his passing. We do so in the spirit of celebrating his life and art, and to continue his passion for bringing people together through art. Per his request, his works are available for sale through his family, on this website.

Steve (Pisti) Hajnoczky, eyeSnowScape #P3310747, 2014

Steve (Pisti) Hajnoczky, eyeSnowScape #P3310747, 2014

Steve Hajnoczky’s Original Series, 2014

In 2014, Steve Hajnoczky began his eyeSnowScape series of photographs. He described them as such:

“Works are created by applying watercolour to the surface of ice or snow, highlighting the organic microcosm of the background. They are then subsequently photographed to preserve the images.”

Steve Hajnoczky created these works outside, incorporating the fluctuating Calgary weather, the melt and refreezing of the snow, and the bright Calgary sunshine into the paintings and photographs themselves. These luminous works build on each other, folding time and place into the depths of their intricate structures.

The exuberant use of colour and gesture exemplify Steve’s ebullient and outgoing spirit.

POPSICLE! The Inaugural Hajnoczky Family Art Show

The inaugural Hajnoczky family art show Popsicle! was held on 12 September 2017 at Loft 112. The show was built around Steve Hajnoczky’s 2014 eyeSnowScape series, carefully selected by Steve Hajnoczky with the help of his daughter Helen Hajnoczky and wife Ruth Hajnoczky, in an effort to create an ideal, harmonious, and beautiful display of the works, but also to showcase the wide range of textures and effects from Steve Hajnoczky’s original series.

In addition to the display of eyeSnowScape works, Steve Hajnoczky’s sculptures and textile works were shown, alongside paintings and textiles by Helen Hajnoczky, photographs by Julya Hajnoczky and family friend Greg Gerla, and accompanying music by David Tkach, from his project Zeta II Reticuli.

?! Popsicle! books

This slideshow opens the pages of the ?! Press eyeSnowScape book, showing the selection of Steve Hajnoczky’s eyeSnowScape works displayed at Popsicle!

The ?! Press chapbook Popsicle! was written by Helen Hajnoczky in response to Steve Hajnoczky’s works, and features a cover with his artwork.

A second edition of the Popsicle! chapbook was also produced for Calgary Canzine 2018.

Steve and Helen Hajnoczky’s Collaborations, SPRING 2018

The side-effects of chemotherapy impacted Steve Hajnoczky’s mobility, but certainly not his dedication to making and sharing beautiful artworks. In the spring of 2018 Steve and Helen Hajnoczky began collaborating on new eyeSnowScape pieces together.

The 2017/2018 Calgary winter was particularly long-lasting, with heavy and frequent snowfalls, giving Steve and Helen Hajnoczky the chance to create numerous series of eyeSnowScape works, exploring the many icy, snowy canvases nature provided. They developed new techniques and approaches to creating eyeSnowScape works, and delighted in spending time together, listening to David’s music, chatting with Ruth as they worked.

Woolf’s Voices #20 at Shelf Life Books

Steve and Helen Hajnoczky had the pleasure of sharing their new collaborative eyeSnowScape works as part of the wonderful reading, music, and art series Woolf’s Voices #20 on 2 May 2018, curated by Adrienne Adams. They displayed a collection of twenty-seven new pieces, arranged behind the readers and musicians who performed. Held at Shelf Life Books, Will Lawrence invited Steve and Helen to display their works for the month following Woolf’s Voices.

For the reading, Helen Hajnoczky also wrote the ?! Press chapbook Chromatus. This poem, like Popsicle!, also responds directly to the eyeSnowScape series, imagining the photos reveal the landscape of a luminously colourful planet called Chromatus. Julya Hajnoczky’s papercrafting skills brought the chapbook together just in time for the reading. Phew!

Steve, Julya, and Helen Hajnoczk’y Collaboration

On 23 July 2018, Steve, Julya, and Helen Hajnoczky created an eyeSnowScape series together. While all Steve’s work is replete with his love of life and art, this series is especially poignant, embodying not only his luminous, unique spirit, but also his boundless enthusiasm for his daughters’ artwork, encouragement of them, and love of creating art together as a family. This work was created together at Sarcee Hospice in Calgary, and is an enduring emblem of Steve Hajnoczky’s dedication to art, beauty, and his family.

Steve’s sister Judy and his wife Ruth also provided company, and David Tkach the Zeta II Reticuli soundtrack while these works were created.

In August 2018 Calgary Arts Development selected a photo Helen Hajnoczky took at Rockyview Hospital for their photo of the month. In her blog post for CADA she discusses the family eyeSnowScape project further https://calgaryartsdevelopment.com/yyclcl-august-2018/

Popsicle II: Celebrating the Life and Art of Steve Hajnoczky

On 29 September 2018 the Hajnoczky family held their second annual family art show at Loft 112. Once again, the show was created around Steve Hajnoczky’s eyeSnowScape artworks and vision. The eyeSnowScape works shown were those made at Sarcee Hospice with his family, and those he made in 2014 which he kept in his binder and loved to share with anyone he met who shared his love of art. Though we weren’t able to share this event with Steve in person, the presence of his family and friends ensured that we were able to share the event with him in spirit.

Popsicle II also featured watercolour pieces by Helen Hajnoczky, made in response to the eyeSnowScape series, photographs by Julya Hajnoczky that compliment Steve Hajnoczky’s jute textile creations, additional textile creations by Helen Hajnoczky responding to Steve’s works, and two of Steve Hajnoczky’s Nothing But Pink Skies From Now On series, which he painted from the 1970s—1990s (for display only). The soundtrack was provided by David Tkach, of course!

Helen Hajnoczky also wrote the ?! Press chapbook Buckmister Fuller’s Best Album for the event, which features a cover from the Sarcee Hospice eyeSnowScape series. This work adds to the eyeSnowScape chapbook series. You can get these in a package with the eyeSnowScape book in the store.

What’s Next?

Steve Hajnoczky wanted his family to keep sharing and selling his eyeSnowScape works, and to keep making new eyeSnowScape works in his memory too. We’ll be having our Popsicle show every year, so that we can gather with his friends and family to share memories, art, and a wonderful time in his spirit.

Steve Hajnoczky also asked us to preserve and photograph anew some of the eyeSnowScape pieces he made together with his daughters, and so we look forward to completing and sharing these collaborations made with him. Steve created both on his own, and in collaboration with his daughters, a large collection of unique and inspiring eyeSnowScape works, and we look forward to sharing these over the coming years.

Helen Hajnoczky has also completed a new eyeSnowScape series to accompany a poetry project of her own entitled Bloom & Martyr: A Rose Cycle, and looks forward to sharing these soon.

Helen Hajnoczky is also planning a book-length work responding to the eyeSnowScape pieces, and further eyeSnowScape chapbooks to be created with Julya Hajnoczky for ?! Press.

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We look forward to celebrating Steve Hajnoczky’s life and art by sharing his work with you.