Visual Art Pricing

Pricing Methods

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about the pricing of visual art on this website so that you can make your online purchase with confidence.

Steve (Pisti) Hajnoczky’s eyeSnowScape pieces, or eyeSnowScape pieces by the artist made in collaboration with his daughters, printed on photo paper, are offered at set prices by size. He chose these prices for some of the sizes at the first Popsicle! art show. Other prints of his work, also printed on photo paper, are offered at the same prices.

My photography is similarly offered at a set price by size. My other visual art is priced by linear inch. What does that mean, you ask? For a two-dimensional medium, the linear inch measurement would be the length and width added together. For example, if a painting is 8 x 10”, that means it would be 18 linear inches.

eyeSnowScape Pricing

The prices for Steve (Pisti) Hajnoczky’s eyeSnowScape pieces, printed on photo paper, are as such:
5 x 7”: $30.00
8.5 x 11": $100.00
12 x 16”: $125.00
20 x 16”: $175.00
Diptychs and triptychs are priced by the panel—for example, a diptych of 8.5 x 11” pieces would be $200.

Prints on photo paper of other photographic works by Steve (Pisti) Hajnoczky are sold at the same prices as his eyeSnowScape pieces.

Pricing for Helen’s Work

Digital photography on photo paper, or prints on photo paper, are priced as follows:
5 x 7”: $20.00
8.5 x 11": $50.00
12 x 16”: $100.00
20 x 16”: $125.00

Other works are priced by linear inch at the following rates:
Decoupage on paper/cardboard: $1.50
Watercolour painting: $2.50
Acrylic painting: $5.50
Embroidery: $15.00

Discounts & Dependability

Occasionally, online sales will be offered to celebrate special occasions or holidays. These are offered only a few times a year. Sales may also be offered at public showings of the art, as a way of saying thanks for coming out to support us.

Every month, we offer a special deal to our newsletter subscribers. It could be a bundle deal, a discount code for any item in the store, or a sale on a single, unique item. This is our way of saying thanks for keeping in touch and for following along on our family art journey.

Other than these special sales, though, the above pricing scheme is used for the visual art for sale on this site so that you can easily understand the pricing rationale and make your purchase with confidence.

Why price this way?

There are numerous ways that artist might price their art. Some artist charge by square inch, and some artist charge the cost of their materials plus an hourly wage. Still other artist price works according to their conception of how important a piece is in their body of work.

For me, linear inch pricing made the most sense for a few reasons. I don’t track my time when I’m making art, and since I like to use old or unique materials in my work, I don’t always know the price of my supplies. With those two things in mind, charging the cost of materials plus wage wasn’t the right choice for me.

Price per square inch also wasn’t the best choice for me, because of the disparity this method of pricing creates between smaller and larger works. Because of my creative style and techniques, I think limiting this disparity between the different sizes is the best.